Nicole Johanna is a feminist multi-media artist residing in Nottingham, New Hampshire. 

Her work is very personal and stems from struggles with depression and social anxiety and aims to empower all to rise up and reclaim the reins of their life via a paint brush!
She has found art to be  source of healing and hopes her work will bring out some part in you that makes you feel and makes your heart beat faster.
She has a BFA from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA; where she began showing her work and immersing herself in the feminist art scene. 
She was at that point working on larger scale sculptures and doing music recording and production. After more than ten years away, many albums released and art shows abroad, she is back to her homeland.
Here she has settled into nature land. Fully immersing herself into watercolors and acrylics.
She has been producing and showing quite frequently since moving home.
Her materials are all found objects, reused and remade canvases, paint and glue from the dump, and any scraps she can give a new home.
Welcome to her little world! She makes made to order pieces or work, so just ask and she may create the piece of your dreams